Mortgage Checklist

A Checklist of What You Will Need to Provide

We've helped a lot of people over the years and found that the best way to help people was to provide a simple list of items required for us to begin. Therefore, we've compiled a list of items that once acquired will greatly help us pin down your rate. 

For more information on what your rate is, please check out our section titled: "What is my rate"

Abbreviated Checklist:

(The full checklist can be downloaded below.)

  • Federal tax return (all pages and schedules).
  • Forms - W-2 (wages) – 1099 (interest, dividends).
  • Income information – pay stubs (30 days), award letter, increase letter, retirement, social security, permanent disability.
  • Statement(s) of assets: All pages of the most recent month of checking, savings, stocks, IRA, 401 K, etc.
  • Payment for credit report. Please make checks payable to Humboldt Mortgage Company.