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  • ​When one is buying a property, here are four things to consider:
    • Down payment
    • Closing costs
    • Pre-paid interest
    • Impounds


    1.     Down Payment: 

    0% Down with VA or USDA
    3.5% - FHA

  • Any person can qualify for a first time home buyer program if they do not own any property at the time of closing the new loan or have not owned any property within the last three years. This is true of all parties on the new loan. 

    There are many first time home buyer program loans. Some...

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    Today's real estate market is better than ever for investors and homebuyers with credit, cash, or documentable income.

    Prices are down. With lower prices and low interest rates, renters often can make payments, even with a low down payment.

    Buyer's Market: There's...