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  • It was a pleasure working with Humboldt Mortgage Company.  They pulled off a 30 day escrow with aplomb and answered all my questions quickly.  I would definitely recommend them.

    ---Cory M.---

  • Bob Lawton is the most important person we've met in the last year. His sincere confidence helped hammer our square peg in the round hole of loan qualifications. He has and continues to help us become more "normal" for refinancing purposes.

    ---Solomon & Katie---

  • Bob has been in the business a long time and knows his stuff.

    ---Scott P.---

  • Thank you, Bob, for being thorough and understanding and helpful to us in understanding the process. Thank you, too, for a great rate that improves our family’s financial position.

    ---Jacqueline D.---

  • Bob, it is such a pleasure working with you and stretching into new avenues of business. It’s a growing experience with lots of positive growth. Thank you so much.

    ---Claire H.---

  • Thank you for all the hard work that you put in on our loan. We will also recommend you to our friends. 

    ---Scott A.---

  • We are forever grateful. Thank you for your patience with us. This is a dream come true.

    ---Zukenya Z.---

  • I want to thank you again for all you’ve done for me and let you know that I love my new house. 


  • I want to thank you for the time that you spent with me going over refinance information when I came in to see you a couple of months ago. You were kind enough to spend the time with me and I know how valuable time is to all of us. 

    ---Charlotte S.---

  • Thank you, Bob, I felt so well cared for with my refinance. You do fine, fine work. 

    ---Karen I.---

  • Thanks for helping out and coming by often. I know you’re pushed for time. Tom T. I do appreciate all the effort and time you put in to satisfy our request. 

    ---Sandra D.---

  • Bob, made it as comfortable and convenient as possible. My compliments to Bob for a job well done. 

    ---Larry G.---

  • Thanks for being so patient with us, Bob! You are great! 

    ---Michelle L.---

  • Enjoyed working with Humboldt Mortgage.  Great team of local people with the experience and knowledge to close the deal.  Always available to quickly answer all questions.  I would recommend them to anyone!


    ---Jackson P.---



Why a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker can initiate and process the loan packages. They then submit the loan package to the best possible lender for the specifics of that borrower and property. The underwriter confirms all borrower and property guidelines are met and funds the loan. They then may sell the loan to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to obtain funds to re-lend out again.

70% of people in the United States use a mortgage broker.
The broker works for you, not the bank.
The rates and costs are competitive.
They have more loan programs from many sources to cover many properties and situations.
We talk to you and get it done.

What Is My Rate?

Purchasing can be scary and intimidating. But purchasing a home can be amazingly rewarding and a fantastic start to a bright future. We've compiled some information for you to use at your disposal. Click below to learn more.
Refinancing a loan can provide some amazing benefits like a lower interest rate or even a shorter term. We've compiled some information and created a form for you to fill out if you'd like to know your rate. Click below to learn more.

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Don't have any income, assets, or reserves? Don’t worry. Our staff has been supplying loans to people who would be denied by banks since 1964. We can supply loans based on the equity from a specific property. Click below to learn more.